‘Happy’ Christmas Tree Cookies

As requested and promised – a tutorial on my ‘Happy’ Christmas trees. In a world filled with jaw dropping cookie designs, these are fairly simple. Which makes them super cool. Want to know why? Cause YOU can do them. Easily. Give them to your family, friends, and neighbors for Christmas. They don’t want another gift card. They want cookies! See how I just took care of your entire Christmas list?!? ;)


Cookie sled tutorial

Cookie Sled Tutorial

Coming to you from my favorite place in the world – my kitchen! Yankee Girl Yummies here and today I’m going to show you how to build a cookie sled! Yes, a cookie sled. That is, a sled made out of cookies. Or cookies in the shape of a sled. You’d better just read on.


A tutorial: Chalk Fall Leaves

Chalk Board Leaves

Back in the day… (Ha! I’ve always wanted to say that!), we had chalk boards our classrooms. Sometime during college, they started changing over to dry erase boards. That was all about the same time that email and the internet exploded. Did I just date myself?!?


Painting on a cookie

Yankee Girl Yummies here. Some of you might have noticed this, but for those of you haven’t – I’ve recently started painting on cookies. It’s a great way to add a lot of colors to your cookies, without all the hassle of mixing and bagging a bunch of colors. I also love the way that you can create texture and depth with the stroke of a paintbrush.


Sneak Peek of Door Cookie

Crackled Castle Brick Technique

It all started with this photograph. How did I achieve the crackled look on the gray brick? Honestly – it was my first time painting on a cookie. I did not plan for it. But as you’ll see, once you start painting, the effect is noticeable immediately. I thought that it looked cool so I went with it.


Ninja Cookies

We’re having a little ninja party here…but not for a few weeks. Due to time constraints – I needed to make them ahead of time. They are now tucked away in the freezer – their stern looks frozen into place. When I mentioned on FB that these guys were getting frozen, I received some questions about freezing cookies. I’ll, briefly, touch base on that later in the blog.


Naked Stamping tutorial

Naked Stamping

Stamping on a cookie was something that I have given a lot of thought to over the past year or so. My disclaimer on this tutorial is this: I don’t know anything about stamps and being ‘food safe’. I did a little bit of research and what I decided was this – if it’s a food designated stamp (meaning never used with regular ink) and washed well, it’s probably fine.




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