Letter Punch Out Technique

I made the “LOVE” set several weeks ago and got a few questions about how I achieved the look of the letters. So, I whipped up this quick tutorial for you! And while it’s not a technique that you can use for every set of cookies… every once in a while might be just the look that you’re going for! The hardest part of this tutorial was coming up with a name for the technique… ‘Letter Punch Out Technique’ is subject to change as I’m not totally sold on it.

Just a few notes prior to starting:

  • Cold dough makes this process much easier
  • Prior to starting, make sure that your base cookie can accommodate the letter. Meaning that your base cookie needs to have a little wiggle room on the sides or your cookie will be too fragile.

Let’s get started!

1. Cut out your letter before baking! The edges of the cut out letter may not be neat but that’s OK because you’re going to cover them up with icing.

2. Bake your cookie and let it cool.

3. Lay the cookie on a piece of parchment paper. It’s going to stay on the parchment paper until it’s pretty much dry (approx. 10 hours) so plan for that. Moving them will result in disaster.

4. Using 20 second icing, fill in the letter. I added some disco dust to these… optional, of course.

5. Let them dry. I gave mine 10 hours and then CAREFULLY flipped them over. They were still moist but dried out quickly once flipped. How long they take to dry will depend on how deep your letters are. Placing them in front of a space heater will also expedite the drying process.

6. Then decorate (or not!) the front. Have fun. Be creative.


This is an example of how the cookie should look after you cut out your letter. You do not need the dough that you have removed with the letter cutter. You can re-roll it and make more cookies!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies


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+1 #1 Lucy Samuels 2014-04-10 17:04
This is brilliant! I thought you'd baked the cutouts and had been wondering how you made sure they still fit after baking! Thanks for this tutorial!

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