Father's Day

We just got home yesterday, after being gone for the week. My husband – almost immediately – goes for a cookie. But there’s no cookies! What’s a guy to do?!?

Little did he know, we made some for him before we left. They were hiding in the freezer.

The kids and I designed these. I was going to make cookies in the shape of “FATHER”. But as I started to sketch it out, it occurred to me that while Max is technically a ‘father’, he’s really more of a ‘daddy’. We made each letter represent something that Max loves. Then the boys wrote out the things that they love about him. :)

Father's Day 2013

D – Max is from Costa Rica.
A – Loves all super heros. Ben thought that Captain America might be his favorite…
D – Boston Red Sox fan!
D – Game of Thrones. Although we’re behind in our episodes so don’t tell us anything!!
Y – Max uses a stethoscope for work.

So there you have it! His Father’s Day gift. A day early so he can have some cookies to eat!

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