Wedding favors

Recently, I made some wedding favor cookies for a friend. My sister was the maid of honor and we worked on a cookie design together. We were going to go with a cookie design that was very similar to the wedding cakes designed by The Fancy Lady. She graciously agreed to let me use her design. You can purchase her cookies on Etsy at

BUT I changed the design at the last minute. I just didn’t like the way that my first cookie looked. At all. And so this is what the favors ended up looking like! The photos do not do the cookies justice. It’s hard enough to photograph orange icing and then it just kept raining! Grr!

Wedding cake cookies

I had painted the edges of the cookie gold. It took a while but I love the way that it looked. I had seen Sweet Ambs do it on her blog and really wanted to try it. You can check out her blog at And she’s on Etsy too… :)

Wedding cake cookies

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