I love smarties!

Mrs. Sarah was Ben’s Kindergarden teacher. And every teacher needs a little ‘Thank You’!

The kids used to do this writing exercise. For each complete sentence that they wrote in their journals, they would get a Smartie. It was called “Smartie Writing”! I didn’t think too much of it – until I read thru Ben’s journal.

This is an example of a journal entry:

“I like popcorn. Do you? I eat it at the movies. Do you? I like it with butter. Do you?”

The whole journal reads this way. I was laughing out loud by the end. He, somehow, figured out that he could get double the Smarties, if he just wrote “Do you?” after each sentence.

Smart kid.

And so it was “Smarties” themed cookies! :)

Smarties candy with cookie

Smarties candy with cookie

We’re going to miss Mrs. Sarah terribly! Thank you for a great year!

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