Kindergarden Graduation

So. My baby is graduating from Kindergarden on Friday. As happy as I am, as proud as I am – I’m so sad!

Kindergarden Grad cookies

Can you imagine the blubbering mess I’ll be as my kids start graduating from high school?? And go to college??

I already feel bad for my husband.

He wanted to give a special gift to each of his classmates. And since my skills – beyond cookies – are limited…he’s stuck with cookies. ;)

I was planning on making a ‘generic’ graduate but he really wanted the graduate to LOOK like the person. ‘Cause Mom, Hayden has really long, soft, blond hair…’  Oh boy.

I’m going to just apologize to Hayden’s parents right now. I’m sorry. He’s half Latino though and can’t help it. :)

Anyway. Love you Ben!

Kindergarden Grad cookies

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