Dental cookies - again!

I love making cookies that are different, unique and a little bit silly. I was asked to make cookies for a dental hygienist. I could have made a bunch of tooth cookies. But where’s the

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fun in that?!?

I asked if they were Crest or Colgate people. Crest is was!

Crest cookies

And the dental xray cookies. I’m not sure if you can spot it, but there’s an X-ray of a set of dog teeth in the background! :)

Dental xray cookies

The anatomy cookie. I had thought that I was going to actually label the different parts. But when it came time, I decided that it would make it look messy. Should used a larger cookie. I’d say “next time”, but we all know that I never do the same cookie twice!

anatomy of a tooth cookie

And here’s the set. VERY happy with how they came out!

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