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I have been on a kick lately. I have been trying out some new techniques. :)

You saw the ‘tufting’ from a couple weeks ago. This week, I wanted to try a technique called ‘cracked glaze’. Sweet Ambs – a fantastic, mouth dropping cookie maker – has a tutorial on her webpage. Check it out. And while you’re there, check out her cookies. You can even buy them!! Think Mother’s Day.

Back to the cracked glaze. She walks you thru how to achieve the cracked glaze look on a video. I watch the video. And then I decide that “Hey! I can do that!” BUT turns out, I can’t. At least not on my first try. I did not have some of the recommended equipment/supplies and thought that I could supplement with stuff that I did have. Nope.

This is a saucer and cup that I did not attempt the cracked glaze on. I decided to leave them as is.

There will be another attempt! Just not this week.

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