Gone Girl

I was asked to make cookies for a Book Club meeting – a meeting of the ‘Lit Group’. They were reading and discussing “Gone Girl”. I consider myself to be a *reader* but I had not even heard of this book. I’ve probably been spending too much time in the kitchen… :) Not to worry, I needed wanted the book for the photos and now that Valentine’s Day is just about done – I should have some time to read!

After I had finished the cookies, photographed them, packaged them up – it occurred to me that BLACK cookies make for BLACK lips, tongues, teeth, etc… And this tends to be fine for kids at Halloween but ladies at a book club meeting??

Ugh. Not ideal. I felt terrible.

I was reassured that the cookies were loved and that no one walked around with black lips. :)

Lesson learned.

And much love to Peggy. I consider her and her family some of my biggest cheerleaders. And we could all use cheerleaders.

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