White Reindeer

My little man, Ben, has a great eye for detail. He says that he wants to be a baker when he grows up! :)

So, when he pointed out an image on his mac n’ cheese cup from Panera - I knew that he was onto something.

Panera Bread inspiration

What a cool, white reindeer! And he was right, it looks great on a cookie.

Thank you Panera bread. These cookies are going to make great gifts!

And these are another white reindeer that I made right before the holidays. I think that ‘The Baking Sheet” was the first one to do a reindeer on an upside down gingerbread man cookie but I’m not sure…. I decided to do him in white, with a string of lights in his antlers. A lot of these cookies traveled all the way to Costa Rica to be enjoyed!

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