Thomas Cookies

I know that the Facebook world has seen my Thomas cookies but I felt as though he deserved a spot on the blog as well.

Thomas was one of those ‘challenge cookies’. My friend, Amy, was having a Thomas the Train themed party for her son. She asked if I could make some cookies. I wanted so bad to try to make these. I had seen something similar done by a fellow cookier and thought that maybe – just maybe – I could do that too!

I had thought that the most difficult part was his face. There were a couple of them that almost looked mischievous! Maybe it was eyebrow placement? So, back to the hardest part – it turned out to be mailing them. :( Almost half of them arrived broken. Which is SO DISAPPOINTING! If you think about how long each cookie took – we won’t go into that now – but if you think about it… it’s depressing, disappointing, etc.

I hope that Isaac has a wonderful birthday party though! And maybe the cookie crumbs taste good?

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