JHS Graduation

Graduation cookies

Graduation cookies

Graduation cookies

Ahh. It’s that time of year again. School is wrapping up. Kids are moving up and on. Graduation.

I’m sure that when my boys are at the point of graduation, I’m going to be a mess. It’s just such a huge milestone. (Insert tears…)

Thankfully, I have some time before that happens. We’re still at the stage of skinned knees, loose teeth and tree climbing. :)

I mailed these cookies to Jonesboro for a friend. They were supposed to catch a ride but they got left behind…I won’t mention any names… Regardless, I had always intended on mailing them. Working with a music and graduation theme, there was the challenge of getting them to Jonesboro (from Michigan) in one piece. A graduation cap – broken tassel. A music note – broken in half. This is what I’m envisioning. So, I had to work around that. And this is what I came up with. Love the music ones… And, yes, the gold coloring is painted on!

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