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Wafer Paper Flowers

Category: Tutorials

wafer paper flowers tutorial

Interested in learning how to work with wafer paper? I made these flowers and put together a tutorial for you! 

Quick Golden Leaves

Category: Tutorials

golden leaves TN

A quick, step-by-step collage on making golden etched leaf cookies. 

Wallpaper Flowers: A tutorial

Category: Tutorials

labor of love cookies

A 'kinda' new (I'm a bit behind!) tutorial is up on the Cookie Connection! 

'Raised' royal icing technique

Category: Tutorials

Daisy on gray

Time for a new tutorial!! This one is all about the super simple 'raised' royal icing technique! 

A tutorial: Fun with Stripes!

Category: Tutorials


Have a bunch of stencils but no airbrush? Looking for a unique and different way to decorate your cookie background? Have I got a fun tutorial for you!

Baby 'Shower'

Category: Tutorials

Boot Cookie

I am bit behind on loading all my cookies, tutorials, etc... on the website but better late than never! I did this tutorial as a guest post on Sugarbelle's blog, back in the spring. I call it the "Flower Boot". Fitting name, right?!

Airbrushing Patterns

Category: Tutorials


When I posted this Father's Day cookie, I got a lot of questions about how I was able to airbrush that diamond pattern. I'm here today to show you! 

Father's Day Wallet

Category: Tutorials

Fathers Day Wallet Cookie Set

A cake magazine tutorial! Yes! I am officially in 'print' now! ;) I was asked to do a cookie tutorial for 'Cake!' magazine. Of course, I was thrilled! I went with a Father's Day themed cookie and wrote out the 'how-to' for the wallet cookies. The credit cards and cash cookies were merely for the photo!

Flower Cookie Necklace

Category: Tutorials

New cookie tutorial up! This time, it's a cookie necklace. Head over to the Cookie Connection to see the step by step directions. 

Black-eyed Susan Tutorial

Category: Tutorials

As a lot of you know, I am a contributor on the Cookie Connection website. One of the things that I do is take artwork that people send me and break it down into a cookie - with a tutorial! I was sent artwork of a bunny, holding a flower and I cookied it!

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Coloring Sprinkles!

Category: Tutorials

Do you want to know how to color nonpareils and sanding sugar? Well, you've come to the right place! I have a handy little tutorial all typed up. Just for your reading pleasure.

Corn Syrup Experiment: A woeful tale

Category: Tutorials

corn syrup experiment

I have been wanting to experiment with adding a corn syrup glaze onto my cookies for quite some time. My experiment didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped but lessons were learned! If you'd like to read what I learned, hop on over to the Cookie Connection!

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Makin' some money!

Category: Tutorials


Coin tutorial

I made some money!! Well. Some cookie money! Do you want to know how? Cause there's a tutorial...

Spring Bird Tutorial

Category: Tutorials

Spring Bird Cookie

Sweet little spring bird... how would we 'cookie you'?? If you'd like to read up on how I cookied an image from a tee-shirt, hope on over to the Cookie Connection!

Swaddled Baby Tutorial

Category: Tutorials

baby shower cookie tutorial

Babies, babies, babies! So, I put together this little tutorial for you. While it’s a fairly simple cookie design, I think that you’ll find it perfect for a baby shower or as a gift for the arrival of a new baby!

Letter Punch Out Technique

Category: Tutorials

I made the “LOVE” set several weeks ago and got a few questions about how I achieved the look of the letters. So, I whipped up this quick tutorial for you! And while it’s not a technique that you can use for every set of cookies… every once in a while might be just the look that you’re going for!

Ombre Heart Tutorial

Category: Tutorials

Just wanted to let all you of know that I am the Cookie Connection’s newest blogger! I will have a monthly blog that will have content chosen by YOU! Be on the look out for my next blog. But, in the meantime, you can check out my ombre heart tutorial on the Cookie Connection!

Cookie Sled Tutorial

Category: Tutorials

Cookie sled tutorial

Coming to you from my favorite place in the world – my kitchen! Yankee Girl Yummies here and today I’m going to show you how to build a cookie sled! Yes, a cookie sled. That is, a sled made out of cookies. Or cookies in the shape of a sled. You’d better just read on.

‘Happy’ Christmas Tree Cookies

Category: Tutorials

As requested and promised – a tutorial on my ‘Happy’ Christmas trees. In a world filled with jaw dropping cookie designs, these are fairly simple. Which makes them super cool. Want to know why? Cause YOU can do them. Easily. Give them to your family, friends, and neighbors for Christmas. They don’t want another gift card. They want cookies! See how I just took care of your entire Christmas list?!? ;)

Chalk Board Leaves

Category: Tutorials

A tutorial: Chalk Fall Leaves

Back in the day… (Ha! I’ve always wanted to say that!), we had chalk boards our classrooms. Sometime during college, they started changing over to dry erase boards. That was all about the same time that email and the internet exploded. Did I just date myself?!?



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