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Tree Of Life

Category: Creations

tree of life TN

Apple Orchard Birthday Set

Category: Collections

Apple Orchard Cookie Set

My sister in law asked me to make some cookies for her mom's birthday. Since her parents own/live on an apple orchard - this was the perfect opportunity! I had been wanting to make an apple orchard set! 

Red Bird and Berries

Category: Creations

Red Bird and berries

‘Happy’ Christmas Tree Cookies

Category: Tutorials

As requested and promised – a tutorial on my ‘Happy’ Christmas trees. In a world filled with jaw dropping cookie designs, these are fairly simple. Which makes them super cool. Want to know why? Cause YOU can do them. Easily. Give them to your family, friends, and neighbors for Christmas. They don’t want another gift card. They want cookies! See how I just took care of your entire Christmas list?!? ;)

Painting on a cookie

Category: Tutorials

Yankee Girl Yummies here. Some of you might have noticed this, but for those of you haven’t – I’ve recently started painting on cookies. It’s a great way to add a lot of colors to your cookies, without all the hassle of mixing and bagging a bunch of colors. I also love the way that you can create texture and depth with the stroke of a paintbrush.



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