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Quick Golden Leaves

Category: Tutorials

golden leaves TN

A quick, step-by-step collage on making golden etched leaf cookies. 

Fall Gnomes

Category: Collections

fall gnome cookies

Fall gnome cookies. Based on the felt work by Painting Pixie, these cookies were so much fun to make!

Paying it Forward

Category: Collections

TN fall tiles

I recently went to Sister's Bay, WI to help with the GoBo Bake sale. It was a wonderful (yet cold!!) experience! 

Retro Tiles

Category: Creations

patterned tile cookies

Color Challenge

Category: Collections

PBP #3 close-up

Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #3 was all about color.  Rebekah, from Love at First Bite, gave us a color palette to create a set of cookies with. Beautiful entries for this contest! 

Airbrushing Patterns

Category: Tutorials


When I posted this Father's Day cookie, I got a lot of questions about how I was able to airbrush that diamond pattern. I'm here today to show you! 

Apple Orchard Birthday Set

Category: Collections

Apple Orchard Cookie Set

My sister in law asked me to make some cookies for her mom's birthday. Since her parents own/live on an apple orchard - this was the perfect opportunity! I had been wanting to make an apple orchard set! 

Thanksgiving Turkey

Category: Creations

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

Chalk Board Leaves

Category: Tutorials

A tutorial: Chalk Fall Leaves

Back in the day… (Ha! I’ve always wanted to say that!), we had chalk boards our classrooms. Sometime during college, they started changing over to dry erase boards. That was all about the same time that email and the internet exploded. Did I just date myself?!?

Fall Tiles

Category: Creations

Nutty Acorn

Category: Creations

Funky Leaves

Category: Creations

Fall leaf pumpkin

Category: Creations



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