November Catch-up

Maybe this is cheating but I'm going to wrap up November with one post. A mis-match of cookies, but all worthy of being posted!

Thanksgiving cookies

Let's start with my Thanksgiving set. I actually had no intention of making Thanksgiving cookies this year. I hosted dinner at my house and between getting ready for that and having the kids both home on break - there was little time to play with cookies. But it's like an addiction. I have to have a project always going! So, I made these. As they were drying, my youngest son (he's 7 and sweet as can be), asked me why I wanted the flowers to have big blogs of peanut butter in the center. If there's one thing that I know, it's that if you have to explain what the cookies are, the design didn't work! What they were supposed to look like was a pumpkin from the view point of the top. #epiccookiedesignfail Still yummy though. 

partridge and pear cookies

I made this set - I call it Partridge and Pear - based on a set of ornaments that I saw on Pinterest. Larissa Holland makes gorgeous felt art and has an etsy shop that you can check out. I entered these into LilaLoa's challenge of the month. It was a challenge to use nontraditional colors in a holiday cookie set. Bonus points for the use of orange! 

ugly flower cookies

And finally - the ugly flower cookies. I was trying to make my sister cookies for her birthday and I just could not get this set to work. I hated the design and the colors. I'm only showing you because I know that someone out there will like them. It always works out that way. But I did end up making a new set for my sister! And Max got to eat this set so I guess it all worked out!


Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies



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