Collage Conundrum

An ivory and black collage of cookies. I had very high expectations for this set. Turned out not to work out the way that I planned... 

I had taken this photo and posted it on IG, talking big about my plans for a large cookie collage. 

Photo from IG:

Blank collage cookies

And then I started decorating.

I got bored with my design. I rushed through the cookies. I dropped a big blob of icing on one of the larger main parts. Disaster.

So, I ended up having to reconfigure my collage, taking out 10 cookies. And then it was much smaller and less impressive. Especially since I rushed through the cookie designs!  

Ivory and black collage

In the end, the cookies were all eaten and enjoyed. I know that IS what really matters. And I do like the set, I just envisioned more. You guys understand, right?!

Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies


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