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I took part in a cookie group project that was released today. I'm a bit slow on getting my story out but better late than never, right?! 

Celebrate Life Cover

The basis of the project was inspiration. A celebration of life and recognizing individuals that strive to make this world a better place.

It all started with Anita. Anita from Sweet Hope Cookies started making cookies to raise awareness and funds for ALS. She's known throughout the 'cookie world' for her sense of humor, generous nature and fabulous cookies. Seriously. Really. Yummy. 

Today, April 19th, marks the 3rd anniversary of her brother, Randy, passing away from ALS.  So, today, we show our support and love for her by recognizing someone in our lives that inspires us! Here's a fabulous collage of all the cookiers that participated - put together by LilaLoa! 

Celebrate Life Cookie Collage

  1. Lorraine’s Cookies
  2. Cristin’s Cookies
  3. Sugar Rush Custom Cookies
  4. SweetShopNatalie
  5. LilaLoa
  6. Whisked Away Cookies
  7. Sweet Ree’s Bake Shoppe
  8. The Cookie Architect
  9. The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle
  10. Jill FCS
  11. Kookie Kreations by Kim
  12. Sugar Nosh Treats
  13. The Baked Equation
  14. Chris’s Creative Confections
  15. Sweet Ambs
  16. Tami Rena’s Cookies
  17. Cindy’s Cozy Kitchen
  18. Suz Daily
  19. TLC – Trinnie Loves Cookies
  20. Yankee Girl Yummies Yankee Girl Yummies
  21. Laura's Cookies  LaurasCookies

 Spring Butterflies Cookies

My story: 

I made these cookies to celebrate my friend, Peggy. 
I've been thinking about how to put Peggy into 'words' for you and its not as easy as I thought it would be... So, I came up with a list. 

She's someone you can call at 3am.
She has a smile for everyone.
She doesn't judge others.
Cookie cheerleader.
GREAT mother.
Knowledgeable about a great many things.
You can outright sob in front of her. Yes, even the 'ugly sob'.
Carrier of Kleenex. 
Understanding and an excellent listener.
Gets my sarcastic sense of humor.
Has a trampoline. (Boys wanted to add to the list.)

Lastly - maybe this little story will really sum it up. My son, Ben who is 6, was asked about some of his 'favorite' things in life. He responds back that he doesn't have any favorites. When asked about a 'favorite mom' - he thinks for a minute. Replies with 'Well, yes! My mom is the best mom but Miss Peggy is a close second!"

And there you have it. That's just a glimpse of the things I love about her. An inspiration to me! And I made a set of spring cookies to celebrate her! 

Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies

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+1 #1 Melissa 2014-04-21 03:47
What a wonderful tribute to your friend.

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