Cookie Collage

So, I made some cookies last week. Some very different cookies!

Cookie Collage

They’re a little funky, right?

I’m calling it the “Cookie Collage”. There are almost 40 cookies, all either square or rectangle in shape. I used primarily a wet-on-wet technique for these. There are a few that have detailing done with piping, a food writer and/or airbrush. My goal was to make each cookie different and unique in it’s own way. I used ideas from fabric, art, patterns, etc… But the initial inspiration came from a pillow! I wasn’t able to ‘cookie’ the pillow, due to the complex stitching and the size of the cookie. What I was able to do though, was use the basic shape of the pillow and the colors!

Cookie Collage

Follow this link to Crate and Barrel to see the inspiration!

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