Gingerbread House of Cards


Recently, I was honored by being asked to take part in a HUGE cookie collaboration. Building a giant house of cards out of gingerbread. The person behind the collaboration – Rebecca from

Gingerbread cards from 29 cookie artists were collected and interlocked to build this masterpiece. These are my cards. My original card (decorated with the art of Damian Michaels, was, unfortunately, broken during shipping. It is not included in the the final project but you can see it below. Rebecca was able to get me another card which I decorated both sides of.

Gingerbread card - sophisticated deer

Gingerbread Card - Chicago girl

Gingerbread Card - Inspired by Damian Michaels

You can read all about her project here:

Or watch a video on the project here:

Gingerbread HofC #3

Gingerbread HofC #2


Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies

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