Feeling inspired yet?

OK. So here’s what happened.

Actually – before I tell you that story – you have to understand something about me. I’m critical of myself. A bit of a perfectionist really. Especially when it comes to my cookies. I wasn’t always like this.  There used to be a point when I was happy that the royal icing dried smooth and evenly. But these days – I really only share cookies that I’m happy with.

So. Back to my story. I was trying to come up with a set of cookies for Lila Loa’s challenge this month. The challenge is based on a pinterest board and the idea is to make a set of birthday cookies inspired by this board. I thought and I thought. I sketched and then I sketched some more. Just didn’t really like how anything was coming together. And then it was Monday. (I have a sitter for a few hours on Mondays so that I can cookie.) I decided just to go with the sketches that I had.

In the end – I still didn’t like how the cookies came together. And they didn’t feel like birthday cookies either. I decided to make 3 separate sets of cookies with a ‘creative inspiration’ theme.

I do have another idea for the challenge. Not sure that I’ll get around to it but you never know!!

My orchids:

Inspire Orchid

Airbrushed Orchid

My architectural cookies:

Architectural set

You inspire me.

And the Orla Kiely Design inspired cookies:

Create in Orange and Turquoise

Create in Turquoise

I hope that you like them. And maybe feel inspired! :)

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