Valentine’s Day

I made quite a few Valentine’s Day cookies this year… which is actually kinda funny… In January, when I was starting to think about cookie designs, I felt like it had all been done. How many new and different ways can you make a red heart? I have already shown you, in previous posts, a few Valentine’s Day designs that I created this year – but here are a few more!

Water color hearts

I hand pained these mini hearts. The idea was to make them look as if they’d been painted with water colors…

Steam punk hearts

This was a last minute set that I did. Last minute, as in yesterday. I had 4 rectangular cookies, iced white, in my freezer. I decided to give them a “steam punk” look. I had no real plan when I started with them, which actually made them pretty fun to do!

Heart Cookie Quilt

And here is my ‘Heart Quilt’.

My favorite.

It’s made of almost 50 square cookies that I put together to look like a collage. Most of them were done with a wet on wet technique, which made them easy and quick to do.


And lastly, Hearts on a String… My youngest loved these. Because one string of cookies = one dessert, right? ;)

And that’s a wrap for this Valentine’s Day!! Hope you had a sweet one!

Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies

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